Chapter Review Questions

Chapter 1:

Describe the key elements of and changes to the No Child Left Behind Act.

Describe the methods used to conduct research in the field of educational psychology and the kinds of questions each method can address.

Chapter 2:

Describe the definition of development that takes into account the three agreed-upon principles.

Identify and explain the principles and stages presented in Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.

Identify and explain the principles presented in Vygotsky’s theory of development.

Chapter 3:

Describe general trends, group differences, and/or challenges in physical development through childhood and adolescence.

Identify and explain the components of Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model.

Describe ways that teachers provide support and care for students’ personal and social development.

Identify and explain Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning. 

Chapter 4:

Identify and use appropriate language when discussing students with disabilities.

Identify and explain Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Identify and explain Richard Mayer’s Three Facets of the Visualizer-Verbalizer Dimension. 

Describe the components of an Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Describe guidelines for disciplining students with emotional problems. 

Describe effective teaching strategies for students with different abilities such as an intellectual disability, autism, or gifted and talented. 

Chapter 7:

Explain and describe the differences between operant conditioning and classical conditioning, neutral stimulus and conditioned stimulus, conditioned response and unconditional response.

Explain and describe the difference between negative and positive reinforcement, presentation punishment and removal punishment. 

Define cueing and prompting.

Explain and describe the differences between reprimands, response cost, social isolation, positive practice, and the Premack Principle.

Describe the purpose of a functional behavioral assessment and positive behavior supports.

Describe the steps toward self-management.

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