Challenges in the Health Sector

You are working at a safety-net facility. You can use the same type of facility that you have been studying for your other portfolio assignments or you can choose something different.
Your next-level leader has asked you to create a podcast series for your facility’s website that is geared toward other healthcare professionals to help them better understand the unique challenges and opportunities of working in the healthcare safety net space. For this assignment, you will be recording the first podcast in the series.
Create a 3-5 minute podcast that includes the following elements:
• an introduction to the podcast and yourself. Tell the audience who you are and why you are starting the podcast.
• an introduction to your chosen facility and its place in the safety net. Include what type of facility you represent, what services you provide, what types of staff work at your facility, and what types of patients you care for.
• a creative and engaging podcast that includes information tying together your chosen safety net facility and your assigned topic. Consider including topics like historical perspective, relevant policy, and legislation, important milestones, unique challenges, and trends for the future.
• a reference list including 3-5 credible sources in Turabian format.
Choose one of the following topics to make your Safety Net Podcast in regard to:
• Patient Engagement
• Patient Safety
• Patient-Centered Care
• Health Literacy
• Social Determinants of Health
• Health Epidemics
• Leadership
• Global Pandemic (COVID-19)

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