Cellular Network General Questions

  • a. Give your answers to 3 significant figures. Show your working to obtain full marks.
    • i. Calculate the received power per square metre from a GPS transmitter that is 20 000 km above the surface of the Earth and transmitting at a power of 35 W at a GPS receiver on the surface of the Earth.
    • ii. If the antenna in (i) is 10 cm x 10 cm in size calculate the received power in Watts.

Assume the power transmitted by the GPS transmitter is fully received by the GPS receiver.

(3 marks)

  • b. A mobile user who is 200 m from a particular base station has a received signal power of 2 mW. Use the inverse-fourth power relationship to find an approximation for the received signal power for a mobile user who is 800 m from the same base station.

Give your answer to 3 significant figures. Show your working to obtain full marks.

(2 marks)

Question 2

A cellular network is designed to achieve a maximum data rate of 1 Gbps in the downlink in a 20 MHz channel. List, and briefly explain, three different factors that would affect the actual throughput experienced by a mobile user in a busy urban cell.

You should write about 150 words.

(5 marks)

Question 3

Pick two of the ten heuristics for heuristic evaluation itemised in Block 2 Part 5, Section 5.4 (excluding heuristics 8 and 10). For each of the two heuristics, select an interface of some digital product with which you have experience that fails that heuristic. Describe concretely the way in which it fails, and suggest a concrete way to improve the design to address this failure. (You should not use an interface already analysed, or used as an example, in the module.)

Screenshots are highly welcome, but not needed for full marks.

It is acceptable to use screenshots from any source, provided the source is referenced.

You should write no more than 300 words for this question.

(5 marks)

Question 4

List the five phases of group development, as outlined by Tuckman, with a one-sentence description of each phase using your own words.

Take one of the phases and briefly describe your own experience of this phase in your TM255 group project.

You should write about 200 words for this question.

(5 marks)

Question 5

Briefly explain what the Mirai malware is and how it attacks computers or computing devices.

You should write about 150 words.

(5 marks)

Question 6

To answer this question, you need to use the virtual machines set-up for Block 3 Part 6 Practical experiments in cybersecurity.

  • a.Use an appropriate Linux command on the server computer to find out whether port 21 is open. Include a screenshot of the output of that command and use the information in the screenshot to describe whether port 21 is open.

(3 marks)

  • b.Use an appropriate Linux command on the server computer to add a rule to accept TCP connection on port 21 from the user computer. Then use an appropriate Linux command to check whether the new rule has been set properly. Include a screenshot of the output of the latter command.

(2 marks)

Imagine that your TM255 tutor also teaches in a face-to-face university. They have asked you to use your knowledge and skills from TM255 to create some web-based learning resources for their full-time students, who are studying communication and information technologies. The tutor needs a small number of linked pages on quantum cryptography.

The set of web pages is intended for students who have studied materials to a similar technical level and breadth of coverage as you have in TM255. Students are therefore familiar with some of the underlying principles that quantum cryptology are based upon, however quantum cryptology itself is completely new to them.

You have been asked to produce, for a fee, these web pages. Your brief is as follows:

  • Your web pages should be appropriately linked together such that it is easy to navigate through the material.
  • You should arrange the five pages in the order listed below and use them for the following:
    • Page 1: explain what the public key system is and describe how it can be used to securely exchange a secret key.
    • Page 2: explain what a quantum computer is and describe why it is a threat to the public key system.
    • Page 3: explain what quantum cryptography is and describe how it can overcome the weakness of the public key system.
    • Page 4: in quantum cryptography (also known as quantum key distribution), explain how the encryption key is exchanged between two parties.
    • Page 5: describe the latest developments in quantum cryptography.

Each web page should be no more than 250 words long, though diagrams may also be used where appropriate. No page should include more than 10% of quoted material. If material is quoted or cited, the reference for the quotation/citation must appear at the end of the web page on which the quotation/citation appears.

You are strongly advised to critically evaluate and improve the content and structure of your website before you submit it.

Do not exceed the limit of 250 words for each web page. Please state the number of words used on each page at the end of that page.

After the web pages are made, copy and paste the contents of each page in your EMA document under the heading of ‘Question 2: the website question’. This should NOT be screenshots, but the actual texts, and images if applicable. You are also required to include the URL (link) of the first page of your website in your EMA document so that the script markers know where to find your website. The URL should be placed above the copied web pages.

The following resources will get you started with your research. In addition, you may find it useful to revisit the materials you studied in Block 3 Part 5: Encryption.

Up and Atom (2017) Quantum cryptography in 6 minutes. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=uiiaAJ3c6dM (Accessed: 5 October 2021).

Quantum Xchange (no date) Quantum cryptography, explained. Available at: https://quantumxc.com/ quantum-cryptography-explained (Accessed: 5 October 2021).

Cardinal, D. (2019) Quantum cryptography demystified: how it works in plain language. Available at: https://www.extremetech.com/ extreme/ 287094-quantum-cryptography (Accessed: 5 October 2021).

Engineering and Technology (2021) ‘BT and Toshiba to build world’s first quantum-secured commercial metro network’, E&T. Available at: https://eandt.theiet.org/ content/ articles/ 2021/ 10/ bt-and-toshiba-to-build-world-s-first-quantum-secured-commercial-metro-network/ (Accessed: 5 October 2021).

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