Case Summary: Trauma, Toxicology and Temperature

You should write an expanded case summary of 2500 words (+/- 10%) about a patient that you have been involved with who had one of the following presentations:

Multiple trauma
Acute poisoning

Your essay should contain the following sections (section word limits are for guidance only):

1. Introduction (around 200-300 words)

a) A short paragraph explaining why you chose this patient – is this typical of patients that you commonly manage? Is this an area of interest? Have you identified a personal knowledge gap?

2. Case description (around 400 to 500 words)

a) A detailed description of the case including relevant background, clinical presentation, indications for critical care admission, and the critical care management.

3. The main clinical priorities and how these were managed (around 400 to 500 words)

a) You should interrogate the literature in relation to this, and critically analyse the evidence base for the specific management the patient received.

4. Expanded discussion on an area of clinical uncertainty (around 750 words).

a) You should identify a clinical question reflecting some aspect of clinical care that you wish to expand upon. Please explain why this question is relevant.

b) You should build on your growing understanding of searching, appraising, and reporting on the biomedical literature to answer this clinical question.

5. A concise summary of your “take home messages” (around 100 words).

It should be 2500 words (+/-10%) in length (not including tables, figures or reference lists (a penalty may be applied for submissions in excess of this limit) and should be written in a style appropriate for publication in an academic journal

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