Case Study Part III: Data Governance

Recall that United Savings Bank collects information in each of the following systems:

  • Core Banking System
  • Online Banking
  • Lending System (Auto/Personal Loans)
  • Credit Card System
  • Mortgage Lending System
  • Insurance Policy System
  • Financial Investment System
  1. Create a diagram to show the board how data from these systems could potentially be used to provide a full 360-degree view of a customer. Show how information in each system could potentially overlap (customer names, addresses, etc.) 
  2. Identify, in a one-page memo, what could cause data challenges for the organization given the different systems collecting information, and explain how creating a centralized repository of the most current customer information could be helpful.
  3. Research how financial companies are using big data to prevent fraud, and prepare a one-page memo explaining how one or two strategies could be used and incorporated within USB’s existing business systems. 

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