Case Study: Company Business Model Assignment


Complete a case study for the Costco corporation. You will find the case (#3) in the case section of the course text.

A formal, in-depth case study analysis requires you to utilize the entire strategic management process. Assume you are a consultant asked by the Costco corporation to analyze its external/internal environment and make strategic recommendations. You must include exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations.

There will be three portions for the Case Study each submitted during a different Module/Week.

5Company Business Model
6Data Analysis
8HR Strategy


The completed case study will include 3 portions to be submitted over Modules: Week 5, Week  6, and Week 8.

  • Cover page (must include the company name, your name, the date of submission, and a references page; the document must follow current APA guidelines)
  • A total of 4-5 pages
  • Reference page (follow current APA guidelines) – Include the course text, company, scholarly sources necessary to support analysis, Biblical support for analysis of the Code of Ethics and mission statement for the company.

For Week/Module 5, your Company Business Model assignment must include:

  1. Analysis of the company’s existing organizational mission, objectives, strategies and business model.
  2. Analysis of the company’s existing HR objectives and strategies as related to the organization’s current business model.
  3. Analysis of the company’s existing Code of Ethics as it aligns to the company’s mission, objectives and strategies.
  4. Analysis of the company’s existing Code of Ethics as it relates to the HR mission, objectives, and strategies.
  5. Create a new organizational mission statement (include the number of the component in parenthesis before addressing that component – see below).
  6. Rationale for the new mission statement with research support.
  7. Discussion of ‘why’ it is critical the HR department should support the organizational mission statement. [Note: Recommendations of ‘how’ will be included in a later Case portion.]

Mission Statement Components:

The organizational mission statements must contain the following 9 components:

  • Customers: Who are the firm’s customers?
  • Products or services: What are the firm’s major products or services?
  • Markets: Geographically, where does the firm compete?
  • Technology: Is the firm technologically current?
  • Concern for survival, growth, and profitability: Is the firm committed to growth and financial soundness?
  • Philosophy: What are the basic beliefs, values, aspirations, and ethical priorities of the firm?
  • Self-concept: What is the firm’s distinctive competence or major competitive advantage?
  • Concern for public image: Is the firm responsive to social, community, and environmental concerns?
  • Concern for employees: Are employees a valuable asset of the firm?

Place the results of the Case Study: Company Business Model Assignment in a single document and post it to the Case Study: Company Business Model Assignment submission link.

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