Case Brief: Federal Statutes Limiting Employment-at-Will Doctrine

This presentation is based on a case brief related to Federal Statutes Limiting Employment-at-Will Doctrine.  

You will select and research one case related to one of the statutes listed in table 21.2 of the text.

Present to the class your research and present a 3-5 minutes presentation on your findings.  

(The brief will generally describe the “who, what, when, where, and why” of the assigned case.)

The same format for organization will be used as in Written Assignment One & Presentation Two:

  • The name of the case.
  • The names of the parties involved.
  • The current stage of litigation/ Procedural History.
  • The legal issue being addressed.
  • Relevant facts of the case.
  • The rule of law applied.
  • Your argument.
  • A conclusion.

Only an outline can be used for the presentation, and it will be submitted immediately following the presentation.

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