Capstone Project Assignment 4 PDSA

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the Capstone I hypothetical clinical change/QI change project utilizing the PDSA cycle.


  • Evaluate and discuss the findings of the PDSA cycle in a typed three to four-page paper using APA format.  This should be a compelling and comprehensivediscussion with the integration of information from the literature of the change/QI process.  Describe the PDSA cycle working through the change/QI project. This should be reflection of what hypothetical situation (s) could go well and and/or what hypothetical situation (s) could not go as desired and what could have been done differently to improve the outcome? 
  • The findings of the hypothetical Capstone Project are based upon information from change projects identified in the literature. Use at least five evidenced based sources; preferably from nursing journals 5 years or less years for these sections of the paper. Information will not be accepted from your place of employment as this requires IRB approval and this is a hypothetical projected project. Information used from your place of employment will result in 5 points deduction for the capstone project.
  • This information will be included in the final Capstone paper in the next course.
  • See below (page 2) for guidelines on how to develop the PDSA portion.

  PPlan the test which includes hypothetical data collection from the literature.   -State the question wanting an answer and make a prediction about what will happen.  What change will be implemented? -Develop a plan to test the change. (Who? What? When? Where?)  How will the change be implemented? -Identify what data you will need to collect. -Predictions—What is expected to learn?  
  DDo carry out the test; examine the literature for how the test will run on a small scale   -Why is this important data to collect? -Who will collect the data? -Who will analyze the data? -How will the data be collected? -What would be important comparison data? -The group’s readiness for change? -Why was that resolution/option chosen?  -What was found in literature to support this option? -Document problems and unexpected observations  
    SStudy or analyze the results and compare the hypothetical predictions to what the findings are in the literature.   -Compare the data to the prediction. -Summarize and reflect what was learned. -Who/what where the barriers/facilitators of the change –How can this be addressed using change theory? -Who/what was the resistance, driving force, organizational limitations, financial, regulatory?  
  AAct based on what was learned from the cycle, decide for the next step.   What now? -Choose between:  Adapting (modifying and running another test); Adopting (testing on a larger scale); or Abandon the idea tested (no further testing needed)  

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