C1 W7: Course reflection assignment

You have reached the end of the course! There is one task left to complete – submission of the Course Reflection Assignment.

For this assignment, you will write a reflection that is primarily focused on your learning in the course as it relates to the Program Learning Outcome.

The Program Learning Outcome #2 Foundations 

The student will be prepared to work in a higher education setting because they can explain the American higher education system, including its historical development, philosophical foundations, structure, roles, diverse characteristics, and current trends and issues.

 The Reflection

The reflection that you create should address at least 3 of the 5 prompts listed below:

  • The reflection must demonstrate full knowledge and understanding of the program learning outcome.
  • The reflection should argue that you have accomplished or met the program learning outcome.
  • The reflection should incorporate readings, assignments, threaded discussions.
  • The reflection should describe new perspectives you took away from the module readings and assignments.
  • The reflection should discuss how you might be able to apply what you learned in the course.

Required Readings

  • Seemiller, C. & Grace, M. (2016).  Generation Z Goes to College. San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass.  ISBN-13: 9781119143451. 

  • Davidson, C.N. (2017). The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World In Flux.  ISBN-13: 9780465079728
  • Grawe, N.D. (2018). Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education. Johns Hopkins University Press. ISBN-13: 9781421424132

McGee, J. (2015). Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education. Johns Hopkins University Press. ISBN-13: 9781421418209

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