Business Management Skills

1. The business management skills link and article provides some common sense and not-so-new thoughts on being a manager. Review the article and respond:

a. Comment on two of the skills in the article from the perspective of the evolving business culture. That is, how and why will the two skills be particularly important in contempory business and societal culture?

b. What specific management skills do you have now, and what skills do you lack? DON’T just list; discuss. Be thoughtful.  

2. Social Media and Business Management

a. What are two ways that the use of social media and effective business management go together?

b. What skills do you have now, or need acquire, to manage that relationship?

3. Summarize your learnings from the Esme Solar case in managing change in a business. Consider the following. You don’t have to respond to all of these; they’re just to think about: 

Systems choices

Business culture change (how do you manage resistance?)  

The relationship of the above two

Implementation of systems change (. . . when you “flip the switch” from one system to another)

4. What are three things that you learned during the course that you didn’t know before the course started?

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