Business Law

In a ‘seated’ classroom, this project is normally a ‘group exercise’. Due to the professor’s hearing disability and the challenges in asynchronous classes at arriving at a mutually agreed upon presentation time, in this class this is an individually written assignment due at the end of Week Four.

Key Points:
• Written report
• Your critical thinking and analysis beyond data are essential
• Due the last Sunday of the course – no late submissions
• Paper requirement:
o APA formatting required
o 8-10 pages of content (not counting Title Page, Abstract, References, etc.)
o Items #1 through #5 (below) thoroughly addressed in paper.
o No plagiarism. All work not your own to be properly quoted and cited.
Please select one of the case summaries from the chapters assigned in this course. Please make sure that you perform appropriate extensive research using materials from textbook and our sources such as published peer reviewed journal papers through library resources. Please plan the Final Paper using the following basis:

  1. Introduction – Describe the case study and problem definition
  2. Literature Review – What others have done in this area
  3. Analysis – Analyze the case based on facts given and found through research review
  4. Conclusions – What are your conclusions based on the case study
  5. Recommendations – What are specific recommendations would you like to make based on theory learned and research done
    Please make sure that the issues and analysis discussed are not based on your gut feelings but based on course concepts, theory learned, research conducted and your compelling justifications.
    What is important for all assignments is that you ANALYZE, SYNTHESIZE, ENLIGHTEN, INSPIRE, ADD INSIGHT, and are able to demonstrate the concepts of the material and ensure currency of information. Quality is emphasized as you do your assignments and research.

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