Budget Proposal Outline

Assignment Content

  • Continue developing the comprehensive project proposal outline.
    Develop the project budget for your project proposal plan, and include this information in the designated areas in your project plan template. Note you are building a cumulative document which at this point will contain Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 information.
    Complete the following information (up to an additional 900 words) in your cumulative document:
    • Identify available resources (consider subcontractors).
    • Create a labor budget.
    • Create a capital budget.
    • Align the schedule and scope to the labor and capital budget.
  • Develop the risk management plan for your project proposal, and identify internal and external risks (this is normally about 1-1.5 pages).
    Define an appropriate contingency plan and budget for the risks identified (this is normally about 1-1.5 pages).
    Submit your assignment. Once again, this is you Project Plan Template now has Week 1 information, Week 2 information, and the new Week 3 information. Please do not submit a separate paper with just Week 3 information.

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