Big Data: The Happiest Countries

The World Happiness Report

 attempts to assess the world’s happiest countries. In the 2018 Report, the United States dropped from #14 to #18

 (Links to an external site.)

Using your knowledge of personal well-being as well as your knowledge of Institutions from Modules 1 and 2, explain in ONE double-spaced page WHY you think Finland is at #1 and WHY the United States dropped even lower on the list. With all of our resources, wouldn’t people in America be the happiest people in the world?

The specific content of your one-page is important but most important is that you frame your response within the bigger picture of culture, society, or Institutions. You must use and refer to  ONE required reading from Module 3 (#22 through #27) to support your response.    

This assignment is designed to encourage you to view things (such as well-being and happiness) from both person and cultural perspectives. That is, our happiness and well-being is not only a result of our own inner core but also of the culture/society in which we live (context).

The two articles/links below should help you understand the issue but as stated above you can’t use these as your ONE source. You don’t have to read The

 to complete this assignment but you can if interested. 

The Grim Secret of Nordic Happiness.

 (Links to an external site.)

Finland Tops World Happiness Report.

 (Links to an external site.)

Grading Rubric:

A (9-10). “A” papers will be organized according to the guidelines presented. In addition, to receive a top score ONE required reading source must be used and cited. Depth of analysis will be considered as an important evaluative factor.

B (8). Not as good as A. Did not use a required reading source. Writing errors. Depth of analysis not as strong.

C, D, or F. Incomplete or not submitted.   

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