Balanced Scorecard for an Organization

Balanced Scorecard Template

Use the organization you chose in Week 1 as a resource for this assignment.


Strategic objectives are a measure of attaining your vision and mission. They reflect the vision, mission, and values of the business, as well as the outcomes of the internal and external environmental analysis.

Scorecard Areas

Develop at least three strategic objectives for each of the four balanced scorecard areas.

Financial ObjectivesMeasuresTargets: Timeline/ Metrics
Increase market shareTotal RevenueIncrease 5% in first year
Customer ObjectivesMeasuresTargets: Timeline/ Metrics
Increase customer valueIncrease profit contribution per customerIncrease 5% in first year
Internal Business Process ObjectivesMeasuresTargets: Timeline/ Metrics
Decrease lead times for new contract implementationProject implementation time framesDecrease time by 3% in first year
Learning and Growth ObjectivesMeasuresTargets: Timeline/ Metrics
Decrease employee turnoverFacilitate regular training and opportunities for developmentReduce by 4% in first year

Below, explain in 350-525 words:

  • why these objectives are appropriate for the project.
  • why these metrics and timelines are appropriate for your strategic plan.

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