Auto Industry Market Structure


Topic: What type of market structure auto industry has?

a) Read these: (Links to an external site.): the auto industry is considered to be an oligopoly (Links to an external site.): a simple example of monopolistic competition can be seen in car sales.

b) Write a report (clearly typed in an MS-Word file using MS-Word). Your report should be broken into two sections:

Section 1: Summary (first paragraph): Tell me what these readings say about the auto industry and its market structure (4-10 sentences long). Do not copy/paste excerpts from the article. A summary should be in your own words and should be based on your understanding of the issues covered in the article.

Section 2: Your thoughts on these readings (at the most two to three paragraphs long): Critically evaluate the authors’ findings. For example, tell me why you agree or disagree with the author or his/her points, by supporting your own points by giving examples, or by providing convincing evidence for your points (Again, in the context of the auto industry and its major market characteristics).

c) Submit your assignment via “Submit Assignment” option (top right) by attaching your assignment file typed in Word.

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