Assignment Part I: Program Evaluation Design

Page Limit: 5 pages; title page and reference lists do not count towards page limit.

This should be written in essay form (except for the logic model), it should have APA format/citations.

For this assignment, you will begin to design a program evaluation.

Program evaluation design/assignment components: Please make sure you cover all of these points

Project Description: This should be about 1 page long.

-Briefly describe the project that will be the subject of the program evaluation. (I would like you to create a day care service for mothers with low incomes in Victoria, BC, Canada).

-What is the overall goal of the project?

-What kind of project is it (e.g., direct services; staff development/training)?

Who does the project serve (that is, who is the target audience)?

Where is this project being delivered? Victoria BC

What is the mission statement or mandate of the organization that is delivering the project? This is the organization that will be delivering the hypothetical project:

Stakeholder Involvement: this should be 1 page long. List your key stakeholders by title (e.g., program manager, community centre manager, recreation coordinator).

-Define stakeholder. Describe the relevance of stakeholder involvement in program evaluation and then summarize the key stakeholders for your program.

-How should they be included (i.e., what do they have to contribute? Why is their input important?).

-Describe how you will engage with your stakeholders.

Ethical and Political Issues: 1 page

-What ethical and/or political issues do you foresee for your program evaluation? How would you handle each issue?

-Discuss at least one ethical or political issue and use course materials to support your opinion. Please note – although it is important to consider potential ethical and political issues within project and program implementation, for this assignment, you need to focus on ethical and/or political issues that may arise in conducting the evaluation itself.

Please use some of these references for your sources for this section:

Logic Model: this will be on 1 page

Include a logic model for your evaluation plan (1-page length). Make sure that you are using SMART goals. You can refer to this document for guidance:

Please use the template I attached for the logic model. This can be the 4thth and last page of the document.

Please use these references for the logic model section:

Evaluation criteria for this assignment:

Depth of analysis and demonstration of critical thinking must be present in all sections.

You must integrate the readings I’ve attached into your rationales.

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