Assignment 4 Technical Writing – Flow Chart

Assignment 4

  1. Use a flow chart and an accompanying memo to explain a problem with a process with which you are familiar. For example, the problem could be a bottleneck where work accumulates and is not processed timely, or a step where two events depend on each other with the effect that they impede each other’s progress.

In your memo, suggest a solution to the problem you have identified. Create a new flow chart that illustrates how your solution solves the problem. Request permission from your manager to implement the solution, either as a pilot project or as a parallel system that will demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution. Be clear in stating your rationale and that you want to explore how to best resolve the issue.

The complete package of materials should not exceed five pages of narrative and two pages of flow charts (one page per flow chart). The narrative is expected to be at least 900 words.

Assignment 5

  1. Create a visual aid that illustrates a problem.
  • Using this visual aid, write a brief report that includes the data, the significance, and the cause of the problem. Include a suggestion for eliminating the problem.
  • Make a Gantt chart that illustrates a series of actions that are necessary to implement your suggestion. Provide a description of each action.

This report should be about three to four pages of narrative (900 to 1200 words) plus the visual aids.


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