Assignment 2: Methodology Matrix

Purpose: To examine research studies that address your PICO clinical question developed in Assignment #2 of this course. 


1. Of the four primary research articles you selected for Assignment #2, select three.  Note:  you may not use your secondary research article for this assignment. 

2.  Determine the type of research for each of your three articles (experimental/ quasi-experimental, non-experimental, or qualitative).  Complete the appropriate matrix table according to the study type.  These matrices will help me evaluate your comprehension of research methodology.

3.  Provide a reference list of your three selected articles in APA format.  

4. You must also upload pdf copies of all three of your research articles.  Title the pdfs with the last name of the first author of the article. Note:  *It is necessary to submit an electronic copy of these articles so that I can verify the content. 

General expectations/ notes:

  • Use only primary research articles. Do not include review articles or clinical practice guidelines in your matrix tables.
  • Use 9pt font and landscape view. You may adjust the table to make it more readable (i.e. widen columns where there is more text so that you do not have columns that are excessively long.)
  • This assignment must be typed. 
  • Your selected three research studies must have been published within the past 7 years.
  • Your reference list, in APA format, should list only your three selected articles.

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