Assignment 2 – Ethics in Research Discussion

In this week’s assignment view the two short videos (3 minutes each). After watching the videos, engage in a discussion about the topic with the other members of your group.

Your discussion should include:

  • Your thoughts about what happened in each videos.
  • Do you see the situations as being similar?
  • What contributed to the situation?
  • Is there evidence of an ethical violation?
  • What are some of possible consequences of publishing flawed research or using it to get a grant?
  • Address anything else that you feel is appropriate.

For this discussion, you are to engage in a conversation. This means that someone starts out by saying something – not everything – then the next person responds. Responses should build upon each other and eventually should address the above questions. A conversation means that you take several turns at providing/clarifying information.

The assignment is worth 20 points, you will be graded on the quality of the discussion.

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