Assessment item 2 – Identifying features of a research article

Length: 1500


Identifying features of a research article (45 marks)


For this assignment, you need to give a short answer in your own words for each question below – there are four questions. The length of each response will depend on how much detail is required, and the weighting given to the question. The questions relate to the research article mentioned below. The article can be found in the ‘reading list’ in the left hand navigation menu of the subject site.

Each question is weighted depending on complexity. The assessment task is worth 45 marks total. A word count of 1500 words has been suggested – under or over this word count by 10% is acceptable. 

For each question you need to identify the feature in the article, then, provide brief detail, description or explanation to justify your answer. This detail or description should include relevant information from the article expressed in your own words wherever possible, AND connect back to your readings from your textbook, modules, and/ or suggested readings. You must use APA 7th referencing format throughout the assignment.

  1. What methodology did Grace and Trudgett use to conduct their study – was it qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods? What are some of the features of their research that tell you the researchers used this methodology? (10%) Consult modules 3, 4 and 5
  2. Describe the data collection methods that the researchers used to answer their research question – for example, did they use standardised surveys, in-depth interviews, online questionnaires etc? Did the data collection methods match the methodology of the study? What is it about the data collection methods that show that they match the methodology? (10%) Consult modules 3, 4 and 5
  3. What sampling strategy did the researchers use to decide who they would recruit for the study? What details from the article tell you it is this sampling strategy?  (10%) Consult module 5
  4. Summarise the major, overall findings from the researchers’ study (NOT the results from each type of data collected)? How could you apply the findings of the research in your own practice? (10%)

Academic writing and APA referencing quality (5%)

Grace, R., & Trudgett, M. (2012). It’s not rocket science: The perspectives of Indigenous early childhood workers on supporting the engagement of Indigenous families in early childhood settings. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood37(2), 10-18.  You can also access the article via the Reading List

Format for final submission

Use each of the questions as a heading and write your answer underneath. Your answer should read as a paragraph, not as a dot point list. The question text and references are not included in the overall word count. 

Use your own words, do not just copy and paste information from the article. Where you do quote information directly you must use APA 7th standards for direct quotes.

Include a reference list relating to the whole assignment – this should include the article and other sources you have used to support your answers (eg textbook, modules, suggested readings). If you reference your textbook, a module, or items from the suggested reading list, you must provide the in-text citation and a full reference at the end of the document. See the APA 7th guide on our I2 site menu for details. 

Modules can be cited this way: (Cumming, 2022, module 1, p. 3), or for the reference list: Cumming, T. (2022). Title of the module. Retrieved from Charles Sturt University Research and Practice in Early Childhood Education Interact Site.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • understand the different paradigms within which research in early childhood education is situated and explain the implications for the research process.
  • recognise the importance of research informing children’s services policy and practice.
  • understand how research is influenced by political, economic and social forces in society.
  • frame appropriate questions for the purpose of investigating or addressing problems or issues via action research in early childhood education.

Completing this task will help you achieve the first part of the first two learning outcomes above. Reading the articles and identifying key features will also assist you to achieve the final three outcome.

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