Article Summary: Serotonin Syndrome

Article Summary: Serotonin Syndrome (SS) is a potentially serious negative drug reaction.  The below article discusses what SS is, about serotonin toxicity, and how SS is diagnosed, can be treated, and can be prevented. 

YOU WILL: Read the attached selected Journal Article bellow

  • Write the paper in this format:
  • An Introduction;
  • The Body of Paper: (minimum of four (4) paragraphs)
    • Explain in detail what Serotonin Syndrome is?
    • Explain how, you the provider, can determine or diagnose whether a patient has Serotonin Syndrome/Serotonin Toxicity and List Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome.
    • Explain how Serotonin Syndrome can be treated and prevented.
    • Support your information with data from four (4) resources (two (2) “primary” peer reviewed journal articles; and two (2) other resources (these may include primary or secondary resources, but do NOT use (WebMD,, Wikipedia). Your resources should be of value to this topic.
  • Conclusion;
  • Reference list following APA Format.
  • Article Title: Serotonin syndrome
  • Authors: Buckley, Nicholas A; Dawson, Andrew H; Isbister, Geoffrey K
  • BMJ 2014348 doi: to an external site. (Published 19 February 2014) Cite this as: BMJ 2014;348:g1626
  • Buckley, N. A., Dawson, A. H., & Isbister, G. K. (2014). Serotonin syndrome. BMJ (Clinical research ed.)348, g1626.

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