Art Appreciation


For this assignment, you will (either in-person or virtually) visit an art museum or an art gallery. During your visit, take notes and take pictures. If it is an art gallery, be sure to ask permission first before you take pictures. In your notes, write down information such as “what did you see?”. Did you see paintings? Sculptures? Something else? Who were the artists? Did you like what you saw? Didn’t like what you saw? Any particular piece you especially connected with? Just write down your general impressions of the experience.

After your visit, you will write a two-page, double-spaced reflection of your experience. Include the information you took in your notes. In describing the work, use at least five of the terms you learned this semester (think: the elements & the principles). Also, include on a third page, at least three photos that you took during your visit. This should include two photos of work that you saw and one selfie in front of an artwork or in front of museum/gallery signage.

Your grade will be determined by your completion of this assignment, as well as the inclusion of five terms.

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