Applied Child and Adolescent Development

Final Applied Project
One of the goals of this course is to translate developmental psychology research into recommendations for policymakers, practitioners, parents, educators, and others.
Students will write a paper that will both a) review the research literature on a child or adolescent development topic of your choice but of importance for policy or practice, and b) propose specific recommendations that are justified given your research review.
• Advice for topic selection:
o Identify a topic that has strong empirical support
o Identify a topic that is timely and relevant to current events
o Identify a topic that is relevant to your professional experience (if applicable)

• Students may wish to model their papers after SRCD Social Policy Reports, although your paper will be on a much smaller scale (see Final Applied Project Content module on D2L for additional examples).
o The SRCD Social Policy Reports may help as you are thinking about formatting your paper. All of the reports start with a comprehensive review of the literature and end with implications of the research and/or recommendations based on the research.
For this paper, students will include at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in their review of the literature. No source can have been originally published earlier than 2013. Students must format their paper according to current APA format. The paper should be approximately ten pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins).

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