Applications for Communication and Storing Information

The goal of this project is to demonstrate your ability to use common applications to communicate and store information. Reflect on your projects from Module 1 and 2. Now that you have learned how to use email, web browsers, and productivity software, you can start to apply those skills.

  1. First, you will use Microsoft Word to create a professional proposal document that is intended for some potential investors of your idea. It will need to be a comprehensive report using various formatting and styles. It should have clearly defined sections, images, and supporting tables and charts with data (fictional but realistic) regarding cost and other considerations. Apply as many of the concepts you learned in the tutorials as are reasonable to make this proposal look and feel professional.
  2. Next, you will use Microsoft Excel to continue the proposal by created spreadsheets with formulas and formatting to enhance the proposal. Whatever data you wish to invent and provide, there must be actual formulas used to calculate in the spreadsheet. You must also have both absolute and relative cell references, and at least one function. You will need to be sure to reference the spreadsheet in your proposal as an attachment or appendix. Remember this is part of a professional package that is intended for your investors! Make it look polished!
  3. Then, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that gives a solid overview of your proposal and spreadsheets. There should be charts and tables derived from your Excel spreadsheet data, as well as information and images relating to your Word document inserted into the presentation. You must also apply themes, animations, and transitions to your work.
  4. Once your three artifacts are complete, reviewed, and polished, you will create a folder in your OneDrive to store these items and upload them there. Create a shared link to this folder. In the appropriate discussion board create a post in the form of an email to your investors. In a professional, business-like tone, you will ask them to review your documents via the link or via the attachments and consider your proposal in so many words. DO NOT COPY the previous sentence and assume that is enough for the body of the email.

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