Application of Networking and Mentoring Information

Include the following components in your assignment:

  • Overview – include three paragraphs describing yourself
  • strengths, abilities, skills, and areas for development
  • experiences – key, formational or transformational events of your life that shaped who you are in the context of innovation/entrepreneurship. This can be work experiences or life experiences.
  • complete this statement: “If I were an entrepreneur…”
    • What would you do?
    • Think in terms of starting a new small business, becoming an entrepreneur in your current organization or another organization you would like to work at
    • Do not limit yourself by money, working capital is not an issue for this exercise
  • Networks:
  • Complete the Mindshift: Analyzing My Networks exercise in the text (Section 8.3)
    • Add another bullet point, (E) Is that person a mentor to you?
    • Answer the three Critical Thinking Questions
  • Complete the Mindshift: Building My Network exercise in the text (Section 8.3)
    • Identify 3 types of people and develop a strategy to meet them (do not need specific names)
    • Identify 3 additional people who are leading thinkers related to your entrepreneurial answer to the overview questions. These will be people whom you will not meet personally, but whose advice can be helpful to you


  • Utilize standard writing conventions – includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure/bullet points
  • Citations & References – where necessary use APA 7th edition style
  • Format – Word document, easy to read font like Times New Roman, 11 point, 1.5 line spacing, 1″ standard margins (default in Word)
  • Organization –
  • Cover Page with name, date, course info, title (can be basic)
  • Body of the paper 2 – 3 pages; NOTE these are hard minimums/maximums. Point deductions for papers not meeting the limits. Headings can help with organization
  • Reflections on the exercise – think about how you can apply what you learned about networking into your professional work. 
  • Reference Page – include the text and other resources located MUST use APA style for Reference formatting

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