Anxiety Case Study

Case Scenario: Lauren is a 9-year-old who presents to your office for an initial evaluation. Lauren’s mom reports she isn’t doing well in school and her teacher is concerned about ADHD. Lauren’s mom presents a letter from Lauren’s teacher indicating difficulties staying on task, poor performance on tests, problems staying in her seat and difficulty completing work in the time allowed. Lauren’s mom reports she comes home with a lot of homework, and they spend hours trying to get it done. “Lauren is a perfectionist, and she melts down every time I tell her she missed something.” Lauren reports she worries about getting things wrong and sometimes she just can’t write down the answer until she is sure it is correct. Lauren agrees that she is distracted and says she has a lot on her mind while at school. She denies being bullied and reports her mood is mostly “happy.” She does report difficulties falling asleep at night and mom reports she is always getting out of bed because she “forgot to do something for school.” No reported medical concerns and she is not currently taking any medications. Lauren’s working diagnosis is Unspecified anxiety disorder.

  1. Answer the following questions regarding the above case study.
    a. Are there any lab tests you would like to have or would order? Explain why?
    b. What is your pharmacologic plan for treatment?
    c. What ideas do you have for non-pharmacological interventions in this patient?
    d. What interprofessional consultations or referrals would you make for this patient?
    e. Explain what might not go as planned with your first pharmacologic plan and present a secondary pharmacological plan for treatment?
    f. Provide a scripture or devotional that you could provide to the struggling client.
    g. Find or create a visual representation of the neurobiology of your patient’s diagnosis.
  2. Use APA Style formatting throughout the paper, citations/references should be included.

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