Animal Science

Your research paper for this class will be on a topic of your choosing. Do some research and collect at least eight reliable sources. After looking over your source documents or videos, come up with a strong thesis statement that states your argument and at least three points to support that argument. You will come up with your position, then find other reliable sources to support your position to create your paper. Use the Hamburger Model for essays to create your paper. 

This paper will be written in 3rd person POV. It will focus on what others say instead of on your own personal opinions. (Any time you see the words “I” or “you” in your  paper, change that word to “one” to put it into the third person. Then revise as needed  to make it sound right.) 

Your final paper should be in MLA format, 2,000-2,500 words (8-10 pages), double-spaced, Times New Roman font. You should have at least eight internal citations and at least eight total sources. It will include an annotated bibliography (not included in the word count for the paper). 

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