INITIAL HISTORY: Tyler is a 12-month-old male brought to the clinic by his mother for his well child exam. Mom states that Tyler is doing well. She states he is very quiet and not a very active boy. He interacts well with parents. She has no specific concerns.
Medical History Vaginal delivery at 39 weeks Bottle fed Medications None ROS Nutrition: eats small amount of table food but not meat, drinks 7-8 6 oz bottles of whole milk daily (transitioned to this at 6 months as formula was too expensive). Meeting milestones Crawling Other ROS unremarkable Current information: Weight 85% for age(slight elevation from previous trend) Length 50%(consistent from previous trend) Exam unremarkable. Screening H & H: hgb 10.1, Hct 29.9 1. The screen lab identifies anemia.
1- List three differential diagnosis (anemia caused by…) for this patient and which one is the most likely cause based on your assessment. What additional studies would you recommend?
2 . Explain the pathophysiology of anemia. Please be complete in your answer understanding this from a cellular level. Create a quick chart reference you can use to identify types of anemia quickly in the office.
3 . For you chosen diagnosis and cause, how would you treat the deficiency? Please be specific. What would be your follow up plan?
4 . Discuss educational points for this patient.

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