ANE Interview

Instructions: Select five of the following core questions for your semi-structured interview with an academic nurse educator. These questions are designed to provide insight about the evolving roles of the academic nurse educator including job duties, responsibilities, and values in the current role. 

You are also required to develop five follow-up questions for the interview, in addition to the five selected core questions. Your questions should explore the academic nurse educator’s role within the formal academic setting, responsibilities as a teacher, in curriculum development and change, interprofessional collaboration, and working within the academic community.      

  1. What are the qualities most needed to be a successful academic nurse educator?
  2. Describe challenges to the ANE role as a result of dynamic cultural, political, and economic forces in healthcare and society in general.
  3. As a novice, what was the best advice you were given, if any? What advice would you give to a novice academic nurse educator?
  4. Have you participated in interprofessional educational activities? Provide an example.
  5. Have you encountered situations where academic integrity and/or social justice have been questioned?
  6. Describe your role, as an ANE in facilitating student learning in meeting learning outcomes?
  7. As an ANE, in what ways are you a change agent and how is this achieved within your organization?
  8. What is your organization’s expectations of you in regards to your role in teaching, scholarship and maintaining your clinical expertise in practice?
  9. What is your role in curriculum development, improvements, and program accreditation?
  10. How has technology transformed nursing education and your role as an educator?

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