Analysis of Social Issues Affecting People

Each student will prepare a brief research report related to a social issue of his/her choosing using data from the General Social Survey and the GSS’s Data Explorer tool ( You will upload this essay into Blackboard. The report should be approximately two to three pages in length.
In this report, you are required to do each of the following:
• Clearly identify the social issue addressed in their report, which should be related to one of the following topics from the GSS: gender and marriage, current affairs, civil liberties, politics, quality of working life, or religion and spirituality (concept from rubric: identification).
• Then clearly identify two variables (survey questions) from the GSS that you will include in your analysis. One of these variables must be related to your selected social issue (e.g., ‘Family life suffers because men focus too much on work’ is one survey
question/variable within the ‘children and working’ and ‘gender and marriage’ areas of the GSS). You will explain how this variable is related to your selected social issue. The second variable should be selected from the ‘Breakdown’ section of the web page, such as age or subjective class identification (detailed instructions are listed below). You will also propose a hypothesis about the relationship between the two variables (concept from rubric: assimilation).
• You will use the GSS Data Explorer to perform a bivariate analysis (concept from rubric: analysis).
• You will present a table or graph from your analysis using the GSS Data Explorer and briefly describe the relationship, if any, between the two variables (concept from rubric: presentation).
• You will draw a conclusion about the relationship between the two variables and provide a short summary of your findings (concept from rubric: application).

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