Analysis of NTSB Report

Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 Boeing 737-7H4, N471WN

Provide a summation of the events and findings. (in Summary)
Explain which accident requirements under the ASRS, ASAP, and NTSB Part 830 programs where used.
What was the primary problem? (in Problem)
Analyze Accident vs. Incident for reporting of aviation safety data (was this an accident or an incident) explain.
What is the significance of this case? To general aviation? (in Significance)
Explain the significance of the problem that was found and in your explanation and show how the accident could have been prevented having this kind of aviation safety data.
Based on the conclusions and recommendations, choose two and expound on them. (in Alternatives)
Make your recommendation based on the findings and data provided. Do you agree? Could something else be added? (in Recommendations)
And in your recommendation, you must demonstrate an understanding of the differences between ASAP, ASRP, and Part 830 reporting.

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