Analysis of Case Studies

Choose 3 conditions from the following case studies, 2 references per each case.

Case Studies

A two-year-old presents for a well child exam. It is determined the child has undescended testes.

1. Cryptorchidism occurs in 3% of term infants. Discuss this condition.
2. Is this condition congenital? Why or why not?
3. Consider testicular cancer. What kind of connection do these conditions share? If none discuss the pathophysiology of testicular cancer.

A 33-year-old obese female suffers from amenorrhea and infertility. After a thorough work up PCOS is diagnosed.

1. Discuss 2 additional symptoms associated with PCOS in terms of pathophysiological principles.
2. How does Metformin contribute to treatment?
3. How does progesterone aid in treatment?
4. How is infertility a symptom of PCOS?

A 16-year-old male presents with delayed pubertal signs and social immaturity. His lab values show low testosterone. He was administered GnRH and no LH was produced. HCG was administered which restored testosterone to normal levels.

1. Discuss male hypogonadism.
2. Explain hormone administration.
3. Is there a problem with the hypothalamus? Why or why not?

A 22-year-old presents with vaginal discharge, characteristic of green, frothy, odorous upon exam. The diagnosis is Trichimonas Vaginosis.

1. Discuss the pathogen and it’s proliferation.
2. Discuss male partner treatment. How does metronidazole target the urethral canal?
3. Co-infections are common with STIs. What is the pathogenesis of Chlamydia Infection?

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