Age of African Empires

In order that I may grade these anonymously, make sure that you include a coversheet with your name on it. Also make sure that you do not include your name in the header or the footers of the examination.

The issues involved below are well-known. Sources of public and academic discussions of them are also well-known to the professor. Therefore, any attempt to plagiarize a discussion from any of these sources will be met with the following penalty: A failing grade IN THE COURSE.

Part One – Identifications.
Identification for the last half of the course. Identify and discuss the historical significance of the following (worth 35 points).

Ibn Battuta

Part Two: Essay (worth 65 points). Write an essay answering ONE of the following questions. In writing an essay, remember to choose a point of view (thesis), present it clearly and concisely, supporting it not only with general statements but also with specific examples that prove your thesis. Do not neglect to bring in evidence from lectures, discussions, and your readings.

  1. You have watched episodes from documentary series on Africa, those by Ali Mazrui, and Zeinab Badawi. Imagine that you have been commissioned to come up with a similar documentary series that confines itself to Africa before the Europeans arrived; the series is to have no more than six episodes. Write up a prospectus for that documentary series that outlines
    • what you intend to cover,
    • the order in which you intend to cover it.
    • Justify why you have chosen not only what to discuss in your documentary, but also why you are doing it in a particular way.
    • Make sure to include specific examples and details.
  2. It is the eve of European colonial penetration. You have traveled widely throughout Africa south of the Sahara, are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of oral tradition as well as having an intimate knowledge of the geography, languages, and history of that part of the continent. Using this special knowledge, try to convince the European powers not to colonize the continent. You are also trying to convince these people by using positive, specific evidence in the form of details and examples and not by threats or bribery. Warning: avoid any lengthy discussion of European society.

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