Advocacy to Impact Population Health Through Oral Testimony

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate advocacy skills in health policy related to the selected population and practice problem. This week, you discovered that the DNP-prepared nurse needs to develop an advocacy plan to impact healthcare policy with an emphasis on population health. In this assignment, you will create an oral testimony presentation that can be used to advocate for change to improve the health outcomes for your selected population, National Practice Problem, and policy. Formulation of the testimony supports professional formation, communication, and dissemination skills relevant to the DNP-prepared nurse.


  1. Review the lesson and readings about advocacy, especially the Jurns (2019) article on ISBAR.
  2. Using the population, National Practice Problem, and policy from previous weeks, prepare testimony advocating for policy change or implementation, using the ISBAR format presented by Jurns (2019).
  3. Use the same testimony that was created for the Week 7 Discussion. Incorporate feedback provided in the discussion post.
  4. You may address any policymaker from the local to national level but please identify your audience.
  5. Create the oral testimony using Kaltura. Click on the following link for instructions on how to use Kaltura:
    1. Link (webpage): Kaltura Tutorials (Links to an external site.)

Testimony Content and Organization

Your assignment will be graded on the content, accuracy, and quality of the testimony. Include each of the following components in your testimony:

(I) Identify

  • Address the person to whom you are speaking.
  • Introduce self and provide credentials.
  • Present expertise/experience and interest in issue.

(S) Situation

  • Describe the issue.
  • Identify the policy and provide the bill name and number if applicable.
  • Using data, present the consequences if the policy is not enacted.

(B) Background

  • Acknowledge the decisionmaker’s interests.
  • Restate your expertise and ability to comment on the issue.
  • Share a personal note of interest or brief story.

(A) Assessment

  • Give your expert professional assessment of the situation.
  • Provide evidence supporting how the policy positively affects stakeholders.
  • Identify support from stakeholders, special interest groups, and/or coalitions.

(R) Recommendation/Request

  • Offer your recommendation for a course of action.
  • Thank the policymaker for their time/attention.
  • Offer your assistance and expertise.


  • Your name and title
  • Credentials
  • Contact information

Testimony Accuracy

  • Provide sufficient information and detail.
  • Explain content correctly to the policymaker being addressed.
  • Identify a direct relationship between the policy intervention and the proposal.

Testimony Quality

  • Demonstrate time management: Presentation is 3 minutes or less.
  • Follow the ISBAR format.
  • Adhere to Standard English usage and mechanics.
  • Provide clear and understandable audio.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  1. Critically analyze the history, formation, and implementation of local, state and national health policies from the perspectives of stakeholders and the profession of nursing. (PO 2)
  2. Synthesize ethical and legal principles to advocate for value-based, equitable, and ethical health policies at the micro, meso, and macrosystem levels. (PO 9)
  3. Assimilate epidemiology principles and interventions to impact the social determinants of health, Global Burden of Disease, and population health outcomes. (PO 1)
  4. Formulate strategies for providing culturally relevant and high-quality healthcare to vulnerable and high-risk populations to address social injustice and health inequities. (PO 1)
  5. Demonstrate collaborative interprofessional leadership and political competency to develop and implement healthcare policy to improve healthcare delivery and population health outcomes. (PO 2)

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