Adopting a Communication Technology

In addition to this, the client care coordinator specifically mentions ease of use as a main prerequisite for adopting a communication technology. This is closely linked with the TAM (technology acceptance model) which states that perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness are major factors that influence attitudes of people to inventions or technology acceptance.
Simply put, a complex technology that requires a lot of mental stress to understand may not get reasonable acceptance which is what is implied by the client care coordinator.
Benefits for Effectiveness And Affordability

While speaking, the client care and scheduling coordinator also refer to effectiveness as a factor being looked out for in adopting a technology. She puts it that technology software will be considered for adoption if it will improve the effectiveness of their job especially with the control and monitoring of clock-in time of nurses and aides and also to track the validity of and expiration of their nurses’ licenses.
The CEO noted that she believes certain technologies are too expensive for their benefits and we may infer here that the financial returns and benefits potentials of a technology determines its acceptability and consideration likelihood for adoption.

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