Accounting for Cryptocurrencies

Required: Write an essay critically analyzing the phenomenon.

Covering page: Name; Student ID; Assessment name; Word count; Date
Word limit: Min. 500 words Max. 1000 words (excluding cover page, reference list and appendices).
Not required: Abstract; Table of contents
Recommended: Use headings and sub-headings to structure your report. Place any tables and diagrams in the appendices.
Referencing: APA referencing style. You should read and cite at least five academic journal articles to address the requirements of this assignment. You should also read and cite books, reports and articles.
Format: Use of a word processing software is strongly recommended (e.g., Microsoft Word). Hand written submissions will not be accepted.

Marking criteria:
• In-depth critical analysis of the selected theme.
• Quality of discussion including, introduction, body and conclusion sections of the essay.
• Discussion of alternative perspectives or schools of thought/branches of enquiry.
• Critique of existing practice and proposed alternative solutions.
• Quality of writing (i.e., spelling, grammar and in-text and end-of-text referencing).
• Structure and format of the report, i.e., use of heading and sub-headings.
• Do NOT create an executive summary or table of contents for your report.

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