Ability to Use Knowledge and Skills

Create an ethical challenge that might face a social worker. You are encouraged to talk to your practicum supervisor and/or other social work resources, including peers, to learn about common ethical challenges that confront social workers.

Select two ethical theories discussed in this course. In separate sections, use each to discuss how the ethical challenge could be handled. What guidance would Virtue Ethics, for example, offer a social worker trying to resolve the challenge? Compare and contrast that, for example, with a Utilitarianism approach to the situation. It is expected that you will use and correctly cite course material, including the text, in this section.

In a separate section (I suggest that you use headings), please apply the NASW Code of Ethics to the ethical challenge. How does the application of the Code of Ethics suggest the ethical challenge be resolved? What sections are relevant — and why?

Please be sure your paper has an introduction and a conclusion. Consider using the Writing Center for assistance with crafting this assignment.


    • Each of the following is worth 20% of the final grade:

    • Identification of Ethical Challenge

    • Discussion of Theory 1

    • Discussion of Theory 2

    • Discussion of NASW Code of Ethics

    • Writing quality

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