A Dark Horse in the Global Smartphone Market: Huawei’s Smartphone Strategy

Identify key issues as well as relevant theories and concepts that help you better understand the situation and then complete a short Memorandum to the faculty member based on the following instructions: develop an analysis of the respective case applying the USC-CT Framework.

Using the USC-CT framework, analyze the case in order to understand the most important issues in order to make a recommendation for solutions. The following questions should inform your thoughts and analysis.

U​: Begin by identifying the key problems/issues for the case. Identify the key theoretical issues from course material.

S​: Using the concepts from the readings, how would you define the central issue or problem?

C​: What alternatives should be considered? Support your reasoning.

C​: Choose the best alternative (course of action or final recommendation) that addresses the problem that you identified in the case. Why did you select this alternative? What are the risks and benefits?

T​: What implementation steps need to be considered to ensure success this time? Justify your choice(s).

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