23andMe Root Cause Analysis

Read and analyze the 23andMe business case.

Paper Format:

• Main Challenges

• Root Causes

• SWOT Analysis Matrix

•Plan of Action (using S.M.A.R.T. goals)

•Research (used throughout your paper)

You are encouraged to use the following guideline as you prepare your analysis, figure out what should be included to make your product understandable and actionable by executive management). 

    1. In a few paragraphs, not four pages, highlight and describe the case.
    2. In a sentence or two, tell the reader how your paper is organized, e.g. what the major sections will be, highlight your findings, and the order in which they are presented…or provide a table of contents type structure
  1. BODY – include these points into your write-up where you deem appropriate in the three major sections:
    • Identify major stakeholders and their problems, goals and concerns.
      • For each major stakeholder, identify events or issues in the case that that he/she may find troublesome and would consider a problem; in doing so, quote the case, and use external citations to support your position.
      • Identify any assumptions made by each stakeholder, and the apparent biases of each stakeholder; in doing so, quote the case, and use external citations to support your position.
      • Identify the goals (sometimes stated as explicit demands) of each major stakeholder; in doing so, quote the case as appropriate.
      • Then, as best you can, based on the evidence of the case, identify the concerns underlying these demands; again, quote the case, and use external citations as needed.
  1. Identification of Main Challenges and Root Causes:
    • Identify the key problems (symptoms) that must be solved.  Explain with reference to appropriate concepts, theories, models (as discussed in class or other course presented material), and/or your research findings—and the evidence of the case.  Quote evidence to justify your assertions.  (Note: this is likely to be a lengthier part of your analysis.)   Use external citations to support your position.
    • Identify other problems that are less central but still deserving of attention that can safely be ignored for the short term.
  1. Analysis of alternative solutions
    • Keeping in mind the whole array of problems that must be solved, describe alternative courses of action that might be taken to resolve these problems. Be specific and practical.
  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each plan of action, with reference to the following:
    • Explain how you determined which plan of action, from your list of alternatives, was determined to be your recommendation (explain your decision-making process, use supporting data charts and graphs if necessary).
    • How the recommended course of action is expected to resolve the key problems presented.
    • How the recommended course of action will affect other remaining problems.
    • How each stakeholder will perceive the recommended plan of action.
  1. Discuss the difficulties one may encounter in actually implementing the plan of action under consideration.
    1. How implementing the proposed plan of action may create new problems.
    1. How uncertainties in your evidence, and assumptions you have made during your analysis, might affect the plan of action you are considering.
  1. Plan of Action
    1. Present a brief description and analysis of your alternative plans of actions.
    2. Present a detailed plan of action, based on your analysis of your selected  solution:
      • Present the rationale for your recommendation that anticipates challenges and counter-arguments.
      • Describe a goals and objectives for implementing your recommendations.
      • Describe the criteria that could be used to assess how well the implementation plan is working.
      • Simplify your timeline into an easy-to-understand Gantt Chart
    1. Briefly summarize the essential difficulties posed in this case and the relevance of your plan of action.
    1. Don’t forget your citations – Authoritative and scholarly
    2. Follow the APA Writing Style Guide.

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