Written Communication Portfolio

Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders is critical to the success of any organization. You will develop a digital portfolio of written documents (see list below) designed to facilitate internal and external communication.

To complete this assessment, identify a favorite team to drive the content of your documents and create the following documents. Teams have internal stakeholders (employees, season ticket holders, donors, members, etc.) and external stakeholders (fans, customers, etc.). Develop these documents in order to enhance communication, create awareness, drive image, and encourage engagement.


  1. News Release: Write a 1-page news release about an upcoming event.

Completed see attachment

  1. Feature Story (500 words): Write a feature story about a person within the team, business, or organization. A feature story creates a multi-dimensional image of that individual.

Completed see attachment

  1. Infographic: Create an infographic using data from your selected organization. An infographic takes statistical data and transforms the information into a reader-friendly format. https://piktochart.com/
  2. Brochure: Create a tri-fold, 2-sided brochure. A brochure communicates with external stakeholders about an event focused on corporate social responsibility.

Completed see attachment

  1. Newsletter: Write a 4-page newsletter. A newsletter shares information with internal stakeholders to support organizational objectives and foster community.

These documents are formal communications; therefore, proper grammar must be used throughout, avoiding contractions, jargon, and slang. Resource: AP Style Guide.
Compile the following Word documents in a zip file labeled as:

  1. News Release
  2. Feature Story
  3. Infographic: Image file (jpeg or png) inserted into Word
  4. Brochure
  5. Newsletter

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