World Music Genre

-Read the paper “World Music: Commodification, Imperialism and Resistance” to serve as a background on this topic and concepts.
-Choose and listen to one of the songs listed below. These will be works by an established Western or Anglo-American musician, who has “borrowed” musical elements from a non- Western musical style.
-Listen to the companion pieces listed along with your choice. These are examples of the “borrowed”, non-Western musical style.
-(20%)-Do some research on this non-Western style or musician; try and determine some of its salient features (meaning what kinds of things do people talk about when they describe this music). Relate your findings in your paper.
-(20%)-Do some general research on the Western musician who did the borrowing. Can you determine what gave them the idea to incorporate this non-Western style into their music? What was the effect of this song on contemporary culture? How about the effect on the musician’s reputation or career? Relate your findings in your paper.
-(10%)-Try and address some of the concepts from the reading; for example does this strike you as an exploitive relationship or did the non-Western musician(s) benefit too? Elaborate in your paper.
-(10%)-How much does the non-Western music add to the song? Make some general comments about what you think of the music.
-(40%)-Paper must be a minimum of 4-5 pages and use MLA format for any works cited. The remaining points are will be awarded based on demonstration of critical listening skills and the ability to expound on the concepts of Genre Fusion and Cultural Imperialism.
If students wish, they may additionally discuss the entire album or pick a different composition on the album, provided that they can find non-Western listening examples and adequate research materials.

Possible Songs for Genre Fusion Paper
1). The Beatles – Love You To: Non – Western companion pieces:
-Ravi Shankar Dhun:
-Rupak Tal:

2). Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime Non – Western companion pieces:
Fela Kuti – Zombie:
Traditional Yoruba Music:

3). Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes or You can call me Al
Non – Western companion pieces:
Mbube singing-
Thomas Mapfumo(26:10 min)-
Kwela music –

4). Peter Gabriel – The Last Temptation of Christ
If students wish to pick a more involved option, they may pick this one. Pick a track from this album and go to the wiki page.

Each song has a break down of the musicians and instruments used on it. Pick 2 of the musicians and research the instrument they play and the style of music they normally work in. Find examples of that style on Youtube. Use this information and listening to complete the requirements for the paper

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