World Christianity in Edmonton

World Christianity since 1500—Winter 2024
Many of the Christian traditions from the Global South in this course are represented by faith communities and congregations in Edmonton. Most of these, in fact, were created and are animated by diasporic communities from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In short, World Christianity is a local
phenomenon. This short research project (750 words max) will ask you briefly to write a profile of one such community.
You should choose one congregation/community from the list below. You may use internet resources entirely for this assignment, but if you wish (and if it is appropriate) you may base your profile on a
personal visit. Each of the congregations listed below does have a well−developed website that should provide a detailed starting point for your profile. You must, of course, cite all your sources in detail.
Guidelines: This is not an essay assignment. Your task is simply to present a clear, descriptive, well− written summary of the congregation’s main features: its origins and history, theology, worship styles, outreach and ministries, leadership and denominational connections, congregational life, etc. You should also connect the congregation to its World Christianity context.
I will elaborate on this assignment in class and you should feel free to ask for help and advice:
List of Congregations:
Note: this list is not comprehensive, so if there is another congregation/community in Edmonton that you would like to profile please let me know.
Global Harvest Church − Edmonton Overcomers Pentecostal Church Edmonton
The Apostles’ Continuation Church International Edmonton Trinity Mar Thoma Church
Debre Selam Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Edmonton
St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church St. Mary & St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church South Asian Church − Edmonton
Asian Christian Church − Edmonton
Edmonton Chinese Christian Community Church South Edmonton Alliance Church
St. Jacob’s Syriac Orthodox Church − Edmonton Edmonton Japanese Christian Church
Multicultural Christian Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Parish
Jesus La Vid Verdadera Spanish Pentecostal Church
Iglesia de Dios, Nueva Esperanza Edmonton Buelah Alliance Church—Faro de Luz Campus Edmonton Korean Full Gospel Church
Bethel Korean Baptist Church of Edmonton

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