Who are You and Why?

Assignment two



Often times, we believe we are who we are because we think we make individualized choices free from outside influences.  Use the SOCIOLOGICAL perspective presented in Chapters 1-4 to describe five of your personal identities that are influenced by social forces.  Describe the identity and the social factors that have influenced this identity.

This may seem like a difficult assignment but is it actually very simple.   Pretend you just met someone you are very attracted to and they ask you, “What are you passionate about in life?’   You pause, mind spinning, wanting to impress them with something witty and charming.  Then you realize you really like this person and flash back to all of your failed dates and remember your Grandma telling you once to, “Just be yourself”.     Now, answer the questions.   What are you?  Who are you?  What drives you?  What are you passionate about?  Why do get up in the morning?






Now, review your five identities and select one of the Sociological Theories presented in Chapter 1, on or about  page 13, that best answers the question:  Who are You and Why?  Describe why the theory applies to your life.

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