Week 3 Portfolio

Week 3 Externship Checklists
NOTE: The checklists you complete each week will be added to your portfolio over the duration of the course please label appropriately. The index of education leadership standards will outline which standards you will do during each week, and the course syllabus details the specifics of the activities you can choose from that go with that standard. In general, you choose one activity (competency) per standard, and you have your choice in which standards you would like to focus on.
3.A – ILS – Knowledge of ILS as related to curriculum development and continuous school improvement process

3.B – OLS- Knowledge of technology standard in the use of technology for teaching and learning

3.C – OLS- Knowledge of technology standard related to school operations

3.D – OLS- Knowledge of human resource development standard as related to recruitment, selection, induction, and retention of staff

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