Journal Assignment: War gaming in the Multi-Domain Extended Battlefield

This assessment target ELOs 400-SMC-1013.5 (O105: Decisive Action), 400-SMC-1013.09 (O109: Mission Command), and 400-SMC-1013.15 (O115: Military Decision Making Process)

Army doctrine teaches us that journaling is a tool to help expand one’s knowledge (self-awareness). Doctrine emphasizes that leaders read about, write about, and practice their profession. As a senior Army leader, you are constantly preparing yourself through lifelong learning and broadening experiences.  Self-awareness enables leaders to recognize their strengths and weaknesses across a range of conditions and progressively employ strengths to correct weaknesses. Competent and confident leaders make sense of their experience and use it to learn more about themselves. Journals and after action reviews (AARs) are valuable tools in gaining an understanding of one’s experiences and reactions to changes in conditions. When an individual journals they are developing their critical thinking skills. Critical thinking provides a basis for reflection and continual learning. This type of thinking is purposeful and helps find facts, challenge assumptions, solve problems, and make decisions. Critical and innovative thought are abilities that enable adaptability.

Topic of Journaling:  Write a 300-500 word substantive journal entry in APA format analyzing the concepts and theories you read about within this module; utilizing key terms from those concepts and theories, describing and explaining the process and tasks required for a staff to conduct war-gaming for multi domain operations and how you envision facilitating this process as an Operations Sergeant Major. Be sure to reference appropriate doctrine that supports your analysis. Adhere to good writing standards IAW APA guidelines.

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