W1 Assignment: Ivy League Historical Presentations


In this assignment, you are to research one of the nine colleges founded during the Colonial Era and make a presentation utilizing at least 12-slide screencast. You do not need to create an actual screencast as the most important thing is to find out the content of the screencast and not the beautification. But assume that you are creating professional 12 slide screencast [excluding the Title and References Slides] that would be appropriate to use for a professional conference or for a formal workplace presentation. The entire assignment needs to have at least 14 slides, with 2 out of the 14 slides for Title and Reference Slides. 


Step 1

Nine colleges were founded during the Colonial Era. Review the table The Nine Colonial Colleges below which provides some basic information about America’s first colleges.

Step 2

Your task is to research one of these nine colleges and present a profile of the college in a presentation. Include interesting historical information and pictures. 

Here are some of the things that you should look for [You can add more than these points]:

  • Who was the first president?
  • Why was the school founded?
  • What was the purpose of the school?
  • Why was a certain location chosen?

Make sure the historical background of the chosen institution is explained thoroughly, historical facts are included to make the presentation interesting, information in the presentation is accurate, there is no grammar, punctuation or spelling errors, and finally please follow appropriate APA formatting for the entire paper and including your references.

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