VRIO Analysis on a Company and its Resources and Capabilities

The five forces analysis was applied to an assigned corporation’s industry. This week, look inside that corporation by applying VRIO analysis to its resources and capabilities.

First, get a handle on what your assigned corporation (same as last week!) actually does. What’s its business model? What are the key value-adding links in its corporate value chain?

2nd, once you have a good handle on how the corporation makes money, identify four or five of the most important resources or capabilities underlying those key value-adding links in its value chain. Describe those specific resources and justify why you have selected them. It is important to be specific. For example, saying “human resources” or “service staff” or anything like that is too broad to be helpful. Narrow it down to a specific resource or capability.

3rd, Apply VRIO analysis to the specific resources/capabilities you have identified. Use a table like the one provided in this week’s module to organize and summarize your analysis (You can paste a table directly into the text box for your forum post; please do not use attachments). Be sure to support your conclusions with adequate evidence.

4th, Does the corporation appear to have a sustainable competitive advantage? What performance data (both over time and compared to competitors) supports your conclusion?

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