Violence and Victims of Violence

-Each response requires a full paragraph with at least three sentences, and one full reference using

APA-7 style writing guidelines.

-Course Textbook: Victimology Theories and Applications, 3rd edition

-ISBN: 978-1284130195


1. Why would prosecuting attorneys most often seek a plea agreement as a court disposition involving rape or sexual assault cases?

2. What crime measuring tool was designed to replace the Uniformed Crime Report (UCR)? Describe what the new tool does.

3. According to World Health Organization (WHO) research on domestic violence, what is the most common form of violence in women’s lives?

4. What categories of individuals are mandated to report child maltreatment, and what entity mandates such?

5. Research on the use of protection orders may reveal that re-victimization rates are higher in cases between a victim and an offender during what circumstances?

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