Using Data to Drive Clinical Decision-Making


Analyze data from information systems and emerging healthcare technologies to guide decision making and clinical reasoning.

Student Success Criteria (Rubric)

-All clients ranked convincingly in priority order of care based on safety as the key indicator

– All decisions and evidence supporting the ranking order are relevant and demonstrate consistent, effective clinical reasoning.

-Communication is professional, well-constructed, and succinct and contains comprehensive detail. Minimal to no spelling and grammar errors that do not detract from the audience’s ability to comprehend the material.

– Sources used are credible, support the purpose of the assignment, and contain insignificant to no APA errors.



You recently began a new job providing triage services for a virtual MD service specializing in mental health services for clients presenting to emergency departments in rural settings. As part of the online orientation, you must view online assessment videos and complete a triage list for the healthcare provider on call.


Click on the links below to watch these assessment videos.


Mental Status Exam (Neurocognitive Disorder)


Mild Cognitive Decline


  • Using the triage training evaluation Virtual MD document, develop a triage list ranking each client in order of priority for treatment based on safety.
  • Support each choice with rationales and evidence to convince the physician that your decisions are correct and exhibit appropriate clinical reasoning.
  • Ideas stated with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

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