Unit VIII Project

At some point, most people will be interviewed for a job position. Many people will also be the interviewer, helping their company find the right applicant for a position. In this assignment you will create a visual presentation that explores interview communication skills. This presentation will further allow you to demonstrate your grasp of business communication and presentation skills.

Create a two-sided, trifold brochure outlining guidelines for college students on how to have a successful interview. Include all the required elements listed below:

  • The trifold brochure must contain content in the first eight sections.
  • The last section of the trifold should be at least half content. Use the remaining area for references.
  • You must use at least two sources other than your textbook to support your brochure content. All sources used must have properly formatted APA Style citations and references. APA formatting is otherwise not required.
  • Microsoft Word offers a variety of brochure templates that you can use as a starting point. You may also use any other design software you choose.
  • You must upload both sides of your brochure in one document and in electronic format. Do not submit a photograph of the printed brochure. It is recommended to save your brochure as a PDF in order to ensure your formatting is maintained (see the assignment submission area in Blackboard for other acceptable file upload types.)

Presentation requirements:

  • Summarize interview preparation skills and strategies.
  • Explain various interview structures and processes.
  • Differentiate the three types of interviews: information-gathering, job, and appraisal.
  • Examine the interviewer and interviewee’s roles, responsibilities, and goals during the various interview phases. Be sure to address the role of ethics in the interview.

Your presentation should not only fully convey your message regarding interviews but should demonstrate effective communication skills and strategies and incorporate concepts learned in this course.

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